Premier's Cup School Cricket Launch 2024

OSCA Premier's Cup School Cricket Awards

Launched in 2011 by OSCA's founder partner CIMA Canada, OSCA's annual school cricket initiative garners endorsement and support from school boards and municipal partners throughout the province. The Mayor's School Cricket, an integral part of OSCA's school cricket programs, was initially introduced in Toronto in 2012 and has expanded to involve more than 8000 young cricketers provincewide. Official school cricket tournaments take place in May and June, predominantly within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) cities, culminating in the Mayor's School Cricket championship. The champions of this tournament advance to compete for the prestigious Premier Cup School Cricket in the annual event.

The Premier's Cup School Cricket Launch Event, organized by OSCA, marks a significant milestone in OSCA's schools cricket program. This is an initiative aimed at inspiring and encouraging young cricketers to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle through sports. The inauguration of the Premier's Cup School Cricket is not just about recognizing excellence on the cricket field; it also underscores the importance of participation and embodies the true spirit of cricket both on and off the field.

Going beyond mere achievements, the Premier's Cup School Cricket Launch Event celebrates the dedication of young cricketers to sportsmanship and camaraderie. It provides a platform to honor individuals who exemplify the ethos of cricket, making positive contributions to the broader community.

Moreover, the event serves as a momentous occasion for OSCA to express gratitude and acknowledge the relentless efforts of dedicated volunteers and coaches. These individuals are instrumental in the success of OSCA's initiatives, and the Premier's Cup School Cricket Launch Event offers an opportunity to celebrate and reward their invaluable contributions to the grassroots development of cricket.

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