Mayor's School Cricket Awards 2024

OSCA Recognition & Rewards - Mayor's School Cricket Awards

The Mayor's School Cricket Awards event hosted by OSCA is a key element of OSCA schools cricket program. It serves as a crucial component to inspire and motivate young cricketers. This initiative aims to instill in school children the values of living healthy and active lives through sports. The Mississauga Mayor's School Cricket Awards, goes beyond merely acknowledging excellence on the field but also emphasizes the significance of participation and embodying the spirit of cricket both on and off the field.

This event not only celebrates the achievements of young cricketers in competing and winning but also recognizes their commitment to sportsmanship and camaraderie. It serves as a platform to honor individuals who exemplify the ethos of cricket, contributing positively to the broader community.

Additionally, the  Mayor's School Cricket Awards event is a valuable occasion for OSCA to express gratitude and acknowledge the dedicated volunteers and coaches who tirelessly contribute to the community. Their unwavering commitment and hard work play a crucial role in the success of OSCA's initiatives, making this event an opportunity to celebrate and reward their invaluable contributions to the development of cricket at the grassroots level.