Cricket Across the Pond

Event Overview

Cricket Across The Pond (CAP) is a community initiative led by CIMA Canada in collaboration with the City of Toronto to provide opportunities to youth from diverse neighbourhoods and develop social cohesion and interaction among young people through cricket. CAP is designed to provide opportunities to youth from diverse neighbourhoods and develop social cohesion and interaction among young people through cricket. CAP uses cricket as a vehicle to reach out to youth by giving them a sense of hope, increased self-esteem and opportunities to become positive role models in our communities. The program provides young Toronto cricketers with leadership and communications skills and the opportunity to travel to overseas and learn life lessons as ambassadors of Toronto. CAP aims to develop these young Toronto ambassadors as youth role models in our communities.

Event History

August  7 - August 14:
Trinidad and Tobago

During August of 2016, the Mayor's Team went on a 2 week tour of Trinidad & Tobago, a first time destination for the Cricket Across the Pond program. The Mayor's Team played two games against other Trinidad & Tobago youth teams (3rd game was suspended due to rain). One of the highlights of the tour was when the members of the Mayor's Team were able to meet Trinidadian Cricket Star Brian Lara, one of the most popular international players in Cricket. Overall, the trio was a success, prompting a return to Trinidad & Tobago during the following summer of 2017.

Team Members

Cordy Antoine - All-Rounder
Kurt Ramdath - Bowler
Vrund Gohil - Batting All-Rounder
Meet Shah -  Bowler All-Rounder
Mamik Luthra - All-Rounder
Nikhil Sharma - Batting All-Rounder
Zargham Nasir - Batting All-Rounder
Ahmed Syed - Bowling All-Rounder
Jasim Paracha -  Bowling All-Rounder
Jonathan Edward  Thanjaratnam - Bowling All-Rounder
Shrujal Patel - Batting All-Rounder
Nashed Uddin - Bowling All-Rounder
Derek Perara - Coach
Philip Mowlah-Baksh - Manager

Games Played

Mayor's Team VS combined Trinidad & Tobago Schools
Mayor's Team VS Trinidad & Tobago U-17 National Team
View Mayor's Team V.S TT U-17 National Team Score Sheet

July 4 - 11 2017:
Trinidad and Tobago Tour

During July of 2017, the Mayor's Team went on a week long tour of Trinidad & Tobago, where they had the opportunity to play in 4 matches against various Trinidad & Tobago cricket teams, as well as a Canada 150 celebratory match against the TT Canadian High Commission. The tour was so successful the Mayor's Team would later host Trinidad & Tobago's Secondary School Team in Toronto during 2018.

Team Members

Jagrit Dewan - Batting-All Rounder
Jediah Navaratne - Wicket Keeper, Batsman
Nabil Farooqui - Batting-All Rounder
Nikhil Patel - Opening Batsman
Adrian Hackett - Bowling All-Rounder
Moazam Qureshi - Batsman
Hasan Khan - All-Rounder
Saif Rizwan - All-Rounder
Abdullah Khokhar - Batsman
Matthew Seepersaud - All-Rounder, Batsman and Bowler
Mamik Luthra - All-Rounder
Wasiq Zia - Bowler
Vinod Sharma - Mayor's Team Manager and School Cricket Coordinator
Tim Stone - Mayor's Team Coach

Games Played

Mayor's Team VS SSCL U-15 Touring Team
Mayor's Team VS Chaguanas Mayor's X1 Team
Mayor's Team VS TNT/SSCL National School Boys
Mayor's Team VS National U-17 Team
Mayor's Team VS TT Canadian High Commission staff