About OSCA

Ontario Schools Cricket Association (OSCA) is a federally incorporated not for profit organization formed to promote healthy active lifestyles among school children through inclusive cricket programs – fostering active participation of children in play. Building on the community, municipal and education sector partnerships developed through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) school cricket program, OSCA is enabling lifelong love of healthy active living among school children through cricket.

History and background

OSCA was formed in 2020, to support the growth of a very impactful community social responsibility project launched by CIMA - to engage school children from diverse communities through cricket. Successfully, partnering with the community, local municipalities and school boards, the program grew exponentially over the last decade positively impacting over 5000 school children annually. One of Ontario's great success stories of true community partnerships, the program addresses the growing disparities between socio economic status factors on the recreational needs of Ontario's diverse student population. OSCA is building on this program to provide equitable access to physical activities that meet the needs and interests of all students.


Empowering school children with a lifelong love for healthy living through cricket, fostering community, and breaking barriers for a diverse and inclusive Ontario.


To promote healthy active lifestyles and physical and mental well-being among young people of all genders through the globally popular sport of cricket by working with school boards and education sector partners. OSCA leverages the sport of cricket to build connections and a sense of belonging within their community. This cultivates holistic development, highlights Ontario's diversity, and serves as a potent tool for fostering intercultural understanding and breaking barriers towards greater inclusivity. By introducing cricket to Ontario’s student population, OSCA taps into the unifying potential of this sport to:

i. build connections and sense of belonging to their community and foster physical, social, emotional and intellectual development;

ii. engage young people from diverse communities and address socio-economic disparities among equity deserving communities;

iii. strengthen connections between ethno-cultural communities and service providers to better address the needs of Ontario diverse student population;

iv. increase intercultural understanding and awareness of the benefits of diversity for the social, economic and civic life of community; remove barriers increase community capacity to support engagement; and

v. increase public awareness of Ontario’s rich cultural diversity through cricket and support full participation of entire population in society and the economy.

What we do

We build strong social infrastructure, foster belongingness - human connections, committed volunteers, vibrant communities and healthy and active children - through cricket by connecting community volunteers and trained staff with thousands of children in Ontario schools.

i. provide training for and assistance with creating and maintaining intramural and inter-school cricket programs to promote team building, cross-cultural communication, social cohesion and leadership development;

ii. provide support and encouragement to young people of all genders to participate in physical activities to increase self-esteem, motivation, desire to succeed and to become positive role models using positive reinforcement through recognition and reward;

iii. reduce financial and other barriers for young people of all genders to participate in and gain access to cricket as a physical and educational activity; and

iv. promote a life-long love of physical activity through cricket.

Provide equitable access to cricket and physical activity

We provide equitable access to physical activities that may not currently be offered in a school or in a school board. This is done through offering a new physical activity that meets the needs and interests of students that may not see themselves within the physical activities currently being offered or by offering opportunities for a group of students that are not participating.
OSCA provides Ontario schools with access to the emerging new sport of cricket through phys ed classes, intramural and inter-school programming to promote team building, cross-cultural communication, social cohesion and leadership development.

Build capacity in schools

We provide quality experiences for all students to explore, learn, try, practice and compete. This is done through offering educators with capacity building opportunities and access to quality equipment and resources to support their professional learning. Equipment and training provided free of charge to ensure equitable access to the game of cricket irrespective of socioeconomic status of participants.

Deliver inclusive programming: Table Cricket

OSCA makes physical activities more inclusive by expanding the reach or offering new physical activities. This is done through offering adaptive physical activities for students with special needs and providing programs for all students who want to participate. The program contains ability appropriate, modified rules to encourage participation of children of all abilities.
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